Respond to global market changes



  • Analysis of the existing Real Estate portfolio

  • Risk identification by property classes

  • Market analysis and potentials of Real Estate classes

  • Acquisition and/or disposition planning (sales)

  • Requirements: Risk/return profile

  • Identification of target markets (Europe/ USA)

  • Planning investment volume and holding period

  • Holding structure (legal/fiscal)

  • Determination of property types/ portfolio mix


  • Development purchasing/sales strategy

  • Analysis Basic Property Key Figures

  • Planning project coordination/ in-house team

  • Desktop evaluation of target assets

  • Pre-analysis of opportunities and risks

  • Strategic planning for planned transactions

  • Investment planning and team building


  • Structuring Vendor or Buyer Due Diligence

  • Analysis of legal and economic data

  • Technical and environmental due diligence

  • Risk analysis on buyer or seller side

  • Control of contract negotiations

  • Preparation of asset management

  • Selection of competent local business partners

  • Reporting (real-time data provisioning)


  • Returns and Value enhancement measures

  • Lease Management

  • Maintenance activities

  • Structural extension measures


  • Structuring Seller Due Diligence

  • Data Generation & Documentation

  • Monitoring Contract Negotiations

  • Preparation of the handover process

  • Selection of Legal/ Tax/ Financial Advisors

  • Reporting within the entire transaction phases

Interieur des Einkaufszentrums

CCR is focused on economical and financial Data Analytics of international Real Estate Markets. For our institutional and private clients we analyze global  markets and locations as well as specific asset categories, expected  retrurns and value appreciation.

Our real-time reporting tools enables you to carry out reliable asset and portfolio management.


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