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What is your Sport?

We support you in finding the right property for your residential and sports needs

We are an international real estate consultancy based in Hamburg, specializing in the analysis of markets and the search for properties with high sports potential for owners and tenants. Our team consists of architects, real estate agents, investment and sports experts.

Our work combines a great passion for sports, architecture and sustainable real estate investments.

We work for both private clients such as buyers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland who are interested in a first or second home, as well as institutional investors who are looking for an attractive return on their real estate purchase.

Our approach is strongly data-driven. Based on our own analysis solutions and access to professional national and international real estate databases, we are able to find the right property for our clients.

Together with our clients, we identify the individual requirements of individuals or families in order to create excellent living conditions and a conducive environment for practicing their favorite sport in the selected property.

We are an international real estate consulting firm with an extensive network throughout the United States and Europe. Our consultants are experienced licensed real estate professionals and have excellent national and international networks.


We have already been able to find the right property for numerous international buyers and tenants, particularly from the private and professional sports environment, e.g. for footballers from the German Bundesliga and other sports.

Whether you are a professional athlete or a passionate amateur, we look forward to helping you choose a property where you will find the ideal conditions for living comfortably and practising your favorite sport

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