Property, Asset & Portfolio Management (ERP/ BI)

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We manage your Real Estate data and analyze up-and-coming real estate locations, categories (commercial / residential real estate) and expected returns and value appreciation potentials.

Based on the individual investment profiles of our clients, we analyse apartment complexes (portfolios), office buildings, retail properties, logistic  facilities or hotel investments.

Our real-time reporting enables you to carry out reliable real estate asset and portfolio management and serves as a basis for your corporate strategic planning.

  • Real-time Data Analysis

  • Portfolio Management Dashboard

  • Transparency of the building portfolio

  • Technical real estate data

  • Financial and commercial data

CCR is focused on the analysis of economical and financial Real Estate Data, especially in the United States of America (USA).

For our institutional and private clients we analyze specific property locations, asset categories, expected  retrurns and value appreciation. Our real-time reporting tools enables you to carry out reliable asset and portfolio management.


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