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CCR REAL ESTATE GmbH - Data Services & Analytics


CCR Real Estate GmbH is focused on the analysis of global real estate market data. For our private and institutional clients we analyze up-and-coming locations and real estate categories as well as expected returns and value appreciati n potential.

For more than 12 years we have been analysing international real estate markets and investment opportunities  for our clients from the German-speaking countries (D/A/CH).

Our success is based on profound market knowledge in leading Real Estate target markets such as New York, San Francisco, Miami, Los Angeles, London, Zurich, Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg or Berlin.

Once opportunities and risks have been identified, we manage the entire real estate investment process for you in cooperation with our local business partners and, if desired, the subsequent asset management.

CCR is focused on economical and financial Data Analytics of international Real Estate Markets. For our institutional and private clients we analyze global  markets and locations as well as specific asset categories, expected  retrurns and value appreciation.

Our real-time reporting tools enables you to carry out reliable asset and portfolio management.


CCR REAL ESTATE GmbH  - Data  Services & Analytics - Neuer Wall 50   20354 Hamburg

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